How to view the daily cost limit of an advertising account in Fb


Sometimes ads on a new Facebook account stop after the first results - and start only the next day. It may be an artificial restriction on the part of the social network. So how to view the daily limit of an advertising account in FB and increase it.
Daily account limit and why it is needed
The daily limit may be confused with the cost limit, but there is a difference between them.
We set the cost limit ourselves. This is the amount that you will not be able to spend more on one account. You can change or delete it at any time - then there will be no restrictions.
The daily limit of the advertising account is set by Facebook. He does this for new accounts to "protect users from scammers." You cannot change it yourself because the algorithms automatically calculate the allowable amount. As a rule, it is equal to $ 50.
What does the daily account limit depend on?
The Meta Help Center says that the daily limit is affected by the level of risk on the account. It is determined by the algorithm — it evaluates many parameters, for example, such as:
user reviews of our ads - the more negative reviews, the higher the risk level;
advertiser activity is a lower risk for those accounts from which advertising campaigns are consistently launched;
the quality of advertising - if you do not break the rules, the risk is lower, if you break it - higher;
behavior in the social network is a higher level of risk for accounts with suspicious activity.
Suspicious activity for FB is anything that is unlike the actions of the average user.
Algorithms constantly overestimate the level of risk, so the limit can change – both increase and decrease.
How to view the daily cost limit of an account
There are only two hundred percent working ways to find out the daily cost limit of an account:
1. test it in practice. Warming up the account, gradually increase the amount of spin-off - and so on until you reach the limit. When this happens, the campaigns will stop receiving impressions, but will start working again the next day. Remember the amount after which the campaigns were suspended - this is the spend.
2. contact the support specialists. Instructions on how to write to Fb technical support: We create an appeal and ask what the account limit is - you should be told the exact amount. It's better to do this after you reach it, it's worth asking why the campaigns are suspended.
However, you should not write to support immediately after creating an account - it will arouse suspicion.
How to increase the daily spending limit of an account in Fb
Three ways to increase the spend:
1. Write to tech support. The easiest way that white arbitrageurs often use is to directly ask tech support to raise the limit. To do this, you need to merge traffic to white offers and not violate the rules of Fb - otherwise the request will be refused.
2. Be active in the social network itself - write to someone, release posts, react to the content in the feed;
Increase budgets gradually: start with a small one, add a couple of dollars a day;
create a business page, fill it and run — most advertisers do this;
follow the rules and do not break them until you pass the checks;
confirm the company details in the page settings;
follow the Facebook prompts in the interface when setting up ads or creating a fan page.
Gradually, the limit will be increased to an acceptable amount for you. The more campaigns you run, the higher the restriction threshold will be.
3. Get an account with almost no restrictions — buy an FB account with a high limit. But be careful — contact trusted sellers to check the limit before the transaction: for example, ask for screenshots of billing settings.
Is it possible to check the daily spending limit of the account?
Yes, if you contact technical support or find out this empirically. There are other ways — special services, code search, billing settings. But they don't always work.
How do I get a high limit right away?
There is no way on a new account: Fb automatically imposes limits for all new advertising cabinets. You can only buy a ready-made account or use an old warmed-up one that worked even when there were no limits.