Interests in the gulf of the interior. What should be considered


Each RC includes many components, each of which is important in promotion and has a great impact on the envelope. One of the most important among them is the target audience.

No matter how ideal the offer and bundles for it are, if you show ads to an unsuitable audience for this, the promotion will not succeed, so you should know how to properly configure the interests of users.

Setting up interests – what is it

The interests of users are understood as hobbies that the target audience actively shares on social networks. FB, Instagram and many other sites are filled with personal information of users and this whole huge stream is constantly collected by search robots.

The found user interests allow you to segment customers for the right product and achieve a higher envelope than usual.Let's analyze the tools for CA that Fb Ads Manager offers.

We select interests for the interior through Fb Ads Manager

All interests are divided into 3 categories:

1. Hobbies of the target audience;

2. Demographic parameters;

3. Behavioral factors.

2 and 3 are easy to set up yourself – they include a basic distribution by marital status, work, the OS of the client's device, the availability of education and other standard factors.

Hobbies of the CA - for the interior, we primarily choose the category "Sport". This interest allows you to take those people who are constantly engaged in sports, who want to maintain their physical shape and a healthy lifestyle.They will be happy to buy creams for joint pain, various dietary supplements, sports nutrition and other offers.

Another equally popular category is "Beauty and Fashion". Regardless of the GEO and demographic parameters of the target audience you choose, anyone on the planet will want to look young and beautiful, and this is a whole field of dozens of promotional offers for weight loss, rejuvenation, skin cleansing from inflammation, etc..

Another option is "Erotica" and "Health". These 2 categories can be either separately or run an advertising campaign with two interests at once, which will have a great effect on the envelope in adult offers.

Detail the CA with additional interests:

For example, when promoting an offer in the "Sports" category, you may be interested only in slimming or vice versa means for gaining muscle mass. As a result, through a short search, we get ideal customers interested in an advertising offer.


Interests help to make the promotion process more productive, detail your audience and offer advertising only to customers who are really interested in it, who will definitely increase the envelope at the exit!