How not to pour into the negative. Several auto rules for facebook


Arbitrageurs often have a situation when they need to monitor a large number of different campaigns. Therefore, it is not possible to focus on everyone, which is why the results can suffer greatly. Moreover, at some point you can go into a strong minus. In order to have fewer or no such situations in principle, there are different auto-rules. We have collected 5 auto-rules in one bundle, with which you can conveniently set up a campaign.
In our example, let's consider the case when the cost of a lead in a bundle is zero - $ 5.
Auto Rule #1: Turning off an expensive ad
The condition is to disable the ad if the cost of the lead is more than $ 7 for today with regular rechecking.
You need to set the lead value more than $ 7. A buffer of 10-30 percent of the zero price is given so that FB can find the right people;
Auto rule No. 2: Shutdown at zero leads
The condition is to disable the ad if the leads are less than one and the expenses are more than $ 10 for today. Check regularly.
We give two lead prices to zero to unscrew and if there are no leads, we stop the campaign;
Auto rule #3: Enabling the campaign with the shares
The condition is that the lead cost is less than $ 7 for today with regular verification.
Sometimes it happens that a pixel transmits leads to Fb with a delay. Because of this, the previous rules may work and disable the campaign. However, the necessary lead will come later and it would be logical to re-enable the campaign - the rule solves this problem;
Autoregil #4: Enabling all ads
The condition is daily auto—activation at 00:00.
Every day we launch all campaigns to try to fly under a new audience and a new auction. With this rule, the task is automated.
Auto rule #5: Turning off the campaign
The condition is that the lead price is more than $ 5 and expenses are more than $ 70 (any amount) for the entire time. Check regularly.
If the campaign gives expensive leads for several days, then it is better to turn it off. You will need to change the creo, re-install or other changes. The auto-rule will allow you to automatically disable the campaign when a certain amount of expenses is reached.
These auto-rules are not some kind of regulated standard. You can change them at your discretion, test, and check the effectiveness of work based on other auto-rules.