Unified accounting system for online advertising in Russia or advertising labeling


The other day, the President of the Russian Federation signed a decree on the creation of a single supervisory authority over Internet advertising. Everyone who buys advertising will be required to comply with a number of requirements, such as advertising labeling and specifying the advertiser! The relevant document is published on the official state portal.
Roskomnadzor will be engaged in the creation of a unified accounting system for online advertising from September 1, 2022.
• The system should contain information about advertisers and their ads — the list of rules is still in development.
• The information will be left by advertisers, agencies or other intermediaries themselves. The exception is social advertising, this law does not apply to it.
• Roskomnadzor will create a special commission for this project.
• The data will be stored in the databases of advertising platforms for up to five years.
• Advertising on the Internet, in addition to being shown on television and radio broadcasts, must be marked "Advertising", an indication of the advertiser and/ or his website.
• The system for the online advertising market will actually repeat the architecture of the system of fiscal data operators who transmit information about purchases in stores to the Federal Tax Service.
• The source will be any more or less large advertising grid, they will start with Yandex and Mailru, and then similar requirements will be presented to Facebook, TikTok.
• Roskomnadzor will allow employees of the state power to use the collected data, including the Federal Tax Service of Russia and the FAS of Russia in the manner determined by the Cabinet of Ministers. (TASS)
• The turnover of online advertising in 2020 amounted to 253 billion rubles and in 2021 they are not going to fall and continue to grow, and it was only a matter of time before the market settled.
This law will most likely lead to an increase in the cost of advertising services in general, as the burden on the owners of advertising platforms will be increased. It will be necessary to store data on all advertising somewhere for 5 years, as well as receive and process it from customers.
I wonder how compliance with this law will affect the arbitration of traffic under the Russian Federation?
What types of advertising are subject to mandatory labeling?
- Online video;
- Banners;
- Text blocks;
- Paid search advertising;
- Advertising on social media;
- Mobile placement
Not subject to labeling:
- SEO;
- Integration of influencers;
- Articles (native advertising)
Dynamic and adaptive creativity:
Is the creative that is generated on the go subject to labeling?
Answer: yes subject to mandatory labeling
How exactly do I register a DCO?
Answer: It is necessary to register all the pre-prepared elements from which the creative is assembled.
What is the DCO labeling process if there are thousands of creatives?
Answer: automated via the API provided by the ORD.
Possible negative consequences for advertisers:
- Inflation;
- Shortening the time for the preparation of creatives and media plan;
- Lack of flexibility on the financial closure of campaigns.
Preparation for the start of labeling by advertisers
Audit of all upcoming campaigns starting from September 01, 2022:
- Allocation of tools subject to mandatory labeling in the plans;
- Revision of the deadlines for the preparation of creatives, landing pages, placement and launch, taking into account the likely delays associated with the introduction of a new process. It is better to put in extra time, since the process is new for the market and many procedural issues are being worked out;
- Documentation of the labeling process with partners — details will follow after receiving additional clarifications and consultations with lawyers.