We break through the cloaca and look for a bundle for traffic arbitration


The converting bundle is the key to a high profit. It is thanks to well-thought-out bundles that "colleagues in the shop" manage to get into the tops by buying cool cars, 14 iPhones and other delights of life.

However, not every webmaster can successfully make a hypothesis, intelligently organize a check of whether the bundle is working and see possible problems in advance at the testing stage.

Below we will take a detailed look at where to get converting bundles for traffic arbitration, how to break through the sewer using a junction, and how to create a creative for an offer.

Where to get bundles for traffic arbitration

The classical model of what a bundle is in arbitration and how a bundle is created looks like this:

We make up a hypothesis – the idea of where, how and on what to pour;

Finding an affiliate program;

Choosing an offer;

Selecting a traffic source;

Raising landing pages and prelanding;

Creating creatives;

Connecting analytics;

Testing the bundle;

Finalizing the bundle;

We are launching the RC to the full.

What is punching

If you don't manage to create a good bundle yourself, it's enough just to "spy" a bunch of colleagues. There are various spike services for this. With their help, you can relatively quickly "break through" the bundles used by other arbitrageurs and work already with what has been tested, which means it is guaranteed to bring profit.

Here is a list of the most popular spike services among the Russian-speaking community of arbitrageurs:

AdHeart is a very powerful spike service, sharpened"for Facebook. It is able to process and display a huge number of ads almost instantly. It has a flexibly configurable filtration system;

AdSpy is a spike also sharpened to work with Facebook. Although the functionality allows you to monitor and Insta. It is distinguished by a huge database in which millions of creatives are stored;

ADLover is another spike for FB and Insta. Can identify advertising integrations in the content of seleb.;

Magicadz.co - has its own neural network for analyzing Facebook ads;

AdvanceTS - a spike service for analyzing teaser advertising networks;

Publer is a powerful spike service designed to analyze ads published in several popular social networks around the world at once;

AdPlexity - a spike service for the analysis of native, push and eCommerce creatives;.

Advault is another native spike service. Accurately detects the landing pages even with multi-level redirects;

Push.cpa.rip is a free spike for push analysis.

AdMobiSpy - functionality allows you to analyze almost all types of creatives;

WhatRunsWhere - detects hundreds of thousands of offers in one iteration;

The problem of penetration is a cloaca

There are three important points:

Advertising platforms policy - many advertising services have rather "strict" rules regarding the published advertising content. Because of this, the arbitrators are forced to use the cloaca to pass moderation.

Arbitran greed - not everyone wants to share information about what brings them income. To protect themselves from attention spikes, colleagues use cloaking even where it is not needed;

Most of the freely viewed bundles are garbage. Do not forget that among 100 arbitrators, at best 2-3 understand what they are doing. The rest are only interested in the topic.

What is a sewer in Traffic Arbitration

A cloaca in traffic arbitration is a way to redistribute traffic so that the target audience sees the landing page, while moderators of advertising platforms and fellow arbitrators see a specially prepared white page.

The principle of operation of the cloaca

Initially, cloaking was intended solely to circumvent the current prohibitions of advertising platforms, but as the popularity of junctions and methods of punching ligaments increased, cloaking was also used to protect their methods of draining traffic from prying eyes.

How to make punching cloaks

The essence of punching the cloaca through the junctions is to deceive the deceiver.

The fact is that to break through most of the bundles, it is not enough just to see creo in an advertisement. You also need to go to the landing page to light up the offer. In the vast majority of cases, it is enough to follow the advertising link from the IP address of the GEO for which the creative is intended.

Tools that are needed for punching the cloaca

Spayservice - needed directly for punching;

The browser anti-detection is needed so that the cloaca cannot identify you;

A mobile proxy is needed so that the advertising platform shows creativity, and the sewer does not cut you off as inappropriate traffic;

Notepad (application) - needed for a life hack, which will be described below.

Breaking through the cloaks step by step

Step 1. Register in any spi-service.

Step 2. Configure the filtering parameters from the interface of the personal account of the spike service.

In this case, the following filtering parameters were used:


Teaser creation date;

Type of buttons;

Domain zones;

Presence in links

Separately, it is worth noting that it is not recommended to set more than two filters per search iteration. That is, it is better to choose 2 filters, filter, and only then add the following parameters. This is how adheart algorithms work better.

Step 3. "Manual" analysis of found creatives

After the spike service creates a selection of the found creatives and filters it according to the filtering parameters you set, you need to "manually" view this selection and try to identify arbitrage creatives. To do this, we recommend paying attention to the following factors:

Frequent repetition of the same creative - real referrals rarely seek to spam with their ad-feed ads, which cannot be said about fellow arbitrageurs;

Compliance of the creative with one of the arbitration verticals;

Several different creatives lead to the same web page - unlike referrals that segment products by audience type, arbitrators usually just pour on the land, and already there they redistribute traffic to different segments of potential buyers.

Step 4. Disguise ourselves as a resident of the country to which we are looking for a bundle - change the Ip address.

Result: it is not necessary to puzzle for days over how to create a bundle in traffic arbitration. It's enough just to peek at ready-made bundles for arbitration through spi services.