Email newsletters in 2022: trends, prospects, efficiency


Let's remember about such an important and effective tool as email marketing. First, let's figure out whether the way of promoting services and goods through e-mail is alive at all.

Let's look at the main prospects and changes in the niche.

Is email marketing relevant in 2022

Many arbitrators consider email marketing to be incapacitated in 2022, but this tool is actively gaining popularity and scale - statistics directly prove this.

According to Mailerlite, the volume of emails sent in 2020 increased by 45% compared to 2020.

Instagram Facebook, Twitter and digital giants have an average engagement rate of only 0.58%. That is, the lion's share of the audience simply flips through posts and clicks on them on average once per 200 scrolled publications, and the average mail opening rate is more than 22% CTR, while, again, the average is 3.71%.

Based on the data above, it is obvious that email marketing is alive and developing.

Why is the popularity of email newsletters growing in 2022

Billions of people continue to use their mailboxes. There are reasons for this:

- Work issues - in most cases, the employer still asks you to send your resume to the mail, and not in private messages;

- Registration in services - to register in any service, you will need to register by mail or mobile phone number. The phone number is tied reluctantly, but the mail is always welcome;

- Notification of news, promotions, sales and bonuses;

- Professional mailing lists - in the circles of specialized specialists, such as arbitrators, targetologists, marketers, etc., any information, that is, thematic articles, is very much appreciated;

- Responses to vacancies

Analysis of current trends in email marketing

UGC content is a type of content that is created without the participation of the brand, that is, by the hands of the users themselves:


Survey results;



The principle of UGC content is simple: you need to bring the experience of users who have previously used the service or products in such a way as to interest a potential client and arouse his trust:

- A selection of reviews from real users;

Interactive blocks - ordinary banners, posts and other advertising tools are less and less actively attracting the attention of users, but interactive elements are being introduced wherever possible.

Interactive blocks are used to increase the openability of emails, clickability and increase confidence in the advertised source.

The main interactive tools at the time of 2022:

Animated elements — buttons, GIFs, erasable barcodes, pop-up blocks after clicking on certain areas;

The ability to leave an assessment of the rating of services;

Gamification — enable users to read emails effortlessly. We will talk about this further;

Embedded video, audio, polls and other media elements;

Dynamic effects of motion design.

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages technologies - accelerated mobile pages. This is a framework of page elements from Google, with which web pages are loaded in an accelerated and simplified mode on mobile devices. The technology was introduced back in 2019, but it is gaining popularity only now.

Collaborations and joint content - for several years, bloggers, brands and ordinary companies have been actively implementing collaborations with relevant partners in their business projects.

Let 's look at the examples:

The company is developing a unique system of bonuses, gifts and discounts for those users who will perform a targeted action on the partner's page: subscribe to the page, leave a comment, put a like;

The company and the blogger exchange posts: in their electronic format letters, the company introduces a photo / logo / quotes and appeals of the blogger, and he, in turn, highlights the newsletter on his blog and encourages you to participate in it;

Personalized appeals - marketers have learned to personalize appeals, that is, to form mailings that can take into account the initials, interests, preferences and problems of recipients.

It is possible to personalize the appeals in emails according to the following criteria:

Initials — sometimes even one name at the beginning of a letter is enough to attract the attention of a representative of the target audience and transfer a letter in his mind from the category of "another spam" to "something interesting";

By gender - distribution of the target audience by gender;

By interests;

By geolocation;

Expert materials and longrides - How longrides can be used in arbitration via mail:

Demonstration of competence - if you are promoting a serious product for a solvent, doubting and thinking audience, it is necessary to show the level of your professionalism, otherwise no one will believe you. Also, expert articles are a wonderful way to warm up the audience, increase brand loyalty and build business relationships in narrowly focused niches;

Viral content - tell your readers about something special and unique, exclusive and little-known - it will definitely cause the effect of the virus;

Solving problems and difficulties -expose the problem and suggest ways to solve it.

Adaptive design - if you use interactive elements and gamification, then it is necessary to take care of the correct display of all details on any devices.