How not to get into Spy services and protect bundles from other arbitrageurs and bots


There is no 100% way to hide the bundle, and even more so if we talk about creatives. However, it is always possible to delay as much as possible the moment when the creative and or prelend will appear in the spike services.

Let's consider several ways to hide your bundle from the curious and gazing eyes of colleagues on the shop floor.

Method # 1: We work with unpopular GEO - if you pour on some regions of Saudi Arabia or on certain countries of Latam, then the bundle will not get into the spike services.
Method # 2: We use narrow targeting - to create several ads that will be similar, but divided into different targeting categories, such ads separately, then they will have a small number of clicks. Some spy services simply won't find them, and those that do will show them to arbitrageurs at the very last moment.

Method # 3: We buy unpopular domains — relevant for those who pour with teasers and push, because. for social networks, this method will be expensive.

The bottom line is not to buy cheap domains .site, .host, .ru, etc. - almost all arbitrageurs buy them. It is worth choosing .com or little-known domains with a cost of 1,000 rubles or more.

Method # 4: We replace links - the bots of the spam services analyze ads for a certain period (once a week, a month or for all time).

How it worked:

We create 2 prelanding: one is working, and the second is a fake substitution;

We add anything to the second site: a one-page template, a bad thematic site or an old bundle;

We set up advertising and work with a bundle. In parallel, you need to monitor the spike services and wait for the landing page to appear in it;

As soon as you find a bundle, you immediately change the link in the ad.

The spikes will show the landing page that was used first, and the converting site will already be spinning in the advertisement.

Method #5: We use cloaking and trackers - many services have tools to hide links from spam services. For example:

PixelK - shows spy services page 404;

Magic Checker is quite expensive, but a very good option.

They are also good at using Adspect and Keitaro, but they do not have special tools for hiding from spikes and you just need to cloach.

Method No. 6. We use interchangeable characters - spike services search for an ad by keywords - you can replace letters in words with English and vice versa, but this method will not save you from manually viewing bundles.