Secrets of effective retargeting


How to work with a remarketing audience?
If you show contextual advertising to users who have already visited the site, you can achieve returned traffic
The clickability of advertising in retargeting is sometimes 10 times higher than in the standard case.
However, it is worth making efforts in this direction pointwise.
Let's tell you how to work better with retargeting
Tip #1: Working with audience segmentation:
- We find out which pages are the most popular on your site, then it's worth adding additional useful information to them;
- We look at what other pages users view and add lead magnets to them - these are special offers — a trial consultation, a trial period, a discount or a checklist as a gift.
- There are also those who have already bought something - you can create creatives that will help form brand loyalty.
Tip #2: Advertising Tricks:
- Intrigue in the title: original headlines, the promise of benefits in the title;
- Timers and urgency (make it in 30 seconds, countdown, etc.);
- Charts and figures;
- The title visually matches the request.
Tip #3: Cross-selling and upselling:
Upselling – the amount of the transaction increases due to the effectiveness of the seller. The buyer spends twice as much as planned.
With the help of retargeting, you can set up a buyer for an additional purchase - cross-selling.
What needs to be done:
- Setting up the display of related products;
- We offer a discount when increasing the transaction amount;
- We motivate you to purchase goods not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones.
Tip #4: Testing:
You can't do without split tests.
- Test creatives;
- Test the conversion rate of landing pages;
- Test offers;
- Use the services:Optimizely, ABTest, Content Exp.Google.
Bottom line: Remember – you don't need to sell the product, but look for the needs of the audience and return the user.