How to increase CTR with creatives


Why do some creos work for some and for zeros for others?

We understand what creatives should be in order to get a decent profit from draining traffic in any vertical.

- The meaning is clear at a glance

A person should understand at first glance what the essence of advertising is, therefore, there should be no more than two large details in the creo, instead of many small ones that will not be able to let a person focus on the essence of advertising;

- Natural photo — glossy photos, almost never bring a lot of leads! Photos should be natural and close to real life;

- Well-designed text - when creating a text for creo, it makes sense to adhere to the AIDA model:

Attention — attention;

Interest — interest;

Desire — desire;

Action — action.

In such a sequence, the text should be compiled — first of all, it attracts attention, then arouses the reader's interest, after that the desire to purchase a product, and then pushes to action.

The main points to pay attention to:

1. If push buttons are used on the desktop, it is worth taking photos and icons of messengers for them, it is the icons that will help the reader understand what to do next and the essence of the offer;

2. When launching a campaign with push buttons for mobile devices, the main focus should be on icons, especially if you promote the interior;

3. As an icon, you need to use the image of the messenger that is popular in the country where you are promoting the offer. After all, the more creo looks like a personal message, the higher the conversion rate it will show;

4. When working with Tick Tok, it is necessary to add the application icon to the creative. A person will think that after clicking on an ad, some video will open in front of him and the conversion rate will increase significantly. However, you need to select pictures correctly so that a person really wants to click and find out what will happen next.