What should I do if I leaked the entire budget?


Every web has faced the fact that for some reason the entire budget has merged. What to do in such a situation? Someone gives up and leaves arbitration, and someone finds the strength and motivation to continue. Today we will talk about what an arbitrageur should do if he has leaked the entire budget.


Perceive the merged budget not as a failure and a failure, but as a precious experience that will help you bypass the so-called "dangerous zones" in the future, avoid mistakes and make good money.


When the problem is accepted and no longer causes discomfort, you need to soberly analyze the situation and understand what exactly caused the failure. Objectively look at the statistics, the terms of the offer, targeting, traffic quality, and in general everything that could affect the drain. When the cause is identified, you can move on.

Money Search

When the budget is merged, you need to decide where to look for money for a new advertising campaign

Several options where to find money for a new advertising budget:

- Save up;

- To engage in freelancing - for sure, during your work in arbitration, useful skills have appeared to write texts, draw layouts, make up or do anything else - take advantage of this!;

- Attracting investors - suggest an idea on investor forums, there are always interested people.

- Loans and debts are for the most desperate.

Arbitration teams

A great option is to try to break into arbitration teams. They will help you master new areas of the CPA market, teach you a lot and allocate a budget. The delights of working in a team are insanely many: from development to spending money that does not belong to you.

Teams always need people to help them earn more money.

Free traffic sources

If there is no money and no options at all, then you can try using free traffic sources: forums, topics and discussions on social networks, mailing lists and so on. Yes, the option is long, but you do not lose anything, but on the contrary, you get new experience and the opportunity to test offers absolutely without investments.

Try yourself in something else

We take time out, try ourselves in other niches of Internet business and freelancing: investments, promotion of pages in social networks and messengers, application development, programming, design, etc.