In-ap traffic. What is it, how and on what to pour


There are more and more mobile device users, which means that mobile traffic is also growing. Approximately in 2013, such a direction as in-app traffic started. What is an in-app and what is its difference from push and mobile traffic, as well as how it works and what an arbitrator needs to know when working with it, read in our material.

What is in-app

Inn-app – advertising traffic coming from mobile apps. Unlike push traffic, in-app is related only to advertising inside the mobile app, and push is a pop—up format.

In-app is advertising inside a mobile app

Let's look at exactly how the in-app works:

- A picture or video that appears during the use of the mobile application. For example, in games, when you go to the next level, an advertisement pops up for about 30 seconds, or another option — in order not to pay for any bonus — they offer to watch a commercial that can be skipped after a certain number of seconds;

- Small banners that appear at the bottom or top of the screen when a person uses a mobile application

Let's take a closer look at the main use cases and what you should pay attention to when working with this type of traffic.

In-app advertising formats

- Banners covering part or the whole screen;

- Videos: videos are offered to watch in order to get a bonus in the game or a video that appears between certain actions that the user performs from time to time in the application;

- Interactive advertising — can appear in any part of the screen, it is a native format, as if involving the user, for example, in a game;

- Native — about the same as interactive, only more disguised, wherever you click you go to download.

What is it worth pouring through the in-app

For anything, if there are no restrictions from the application developer.

You can promote:

- Dating;

- Crypt;

- Betting;

- Gambling;


- Loans

- Advertising of stores, etc.

In-app gives a large audience reach, so its popularity is growing every day.

After all, each of us has a bunch of locks that we use all the time, and there is always advertising inside the locks.

In which applications and what to pour

- In dating prilki we sell adult products, other dating sites, webcam studios;

- In various sports applications - let's start betting;

- VPN – prilki - we pour everything related to additional software for phones;

- In banking and financial applications, you can merge traffic to MFOs, crypts and loans.

In-app payment models

- CPI - Cost Per Install (priority);

- CPL - Cost Per Lead;

- CPA - Cost Per Action.

In-app ads can be purchased directly from app developers or through advertising networks, as well as push and banner ads.

The process of launching in-app ads

Stage 1 - the application owner is looking for new ways to monetize his application and turns to the advertising network and submits an application to connect the application;

Stage 2 - moderators of the advertising network consider the application, and if the application meets the requirements, add traffic from there to the advertising network;

stage 3 - the arbitrageur registers in the advertising network, then buys traffic and it is evenly distributed among all connected applications, the exceptions are only those extensions that the web itself excluded;

Stage 4 - when the web receives traffic, it pays for it to the advertising network;

Stage 5 - the advertising network shares the funds received from the web with the owner of the application and the advertising network, according to their internal agreements.

TOP advertising networks where you can buy in-app traffic:

Applovin - 2 CPC and CPM payment models. The network has convenient built-in tools for developing creatives and for integrating ad impressions with well-known mobile trackers;

Vungle – 2 CPL and CPI payment models. The network provides detailed statistics on installations, views and profit. The network also has special built-in algorithms for optimizing targeting;

Unity Ads is the most popular platform for in–app traffic acquisition. Only reputable applications from eminent developers who value their reputation work with this advertising network. Therefore, pouring through the platform on the bench, gray and black offers and low-quality goods / services is definitely not worth it, you can get an instant lock. Moderation can be strict regarding gambling issues, so you need to be extremely careful with betting and gambling so as not to fly into an instant ban!

Let's summarize

In-app is a very promising and very profitable direction in 2022. It is necessary and possible to launch traffic here for almost all niches, but problems may arise with betting and gambling. Please note that there are now a large number of advertising networks to launch traffic, and sometimes a couple of tens of dollars may be enough to start. . High profit to all!

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