Filipino traffic. Creo and promo features


The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia. The Philippines consists of many islands washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea. The largest of them are the islands of Mindanao and Luzon.

More than 112 million people live in the country, most of them are Catholics, since the Philippines is the only Catholic country in Asia.

The official languages are Filipino and English.

The largest cities:

Quezon City - 2.7 million people;

Manila - 1.7 million people;

Caloocan - 1.4 million people;

Davao - 1.4 million people;

According to the standard of living, the country is in the Tier-3 list, hence a lot of cheap traffic and the right audience.

The local currency is the Philippine peso

Salaries of Filipinos

The average salary of Filipinos is about $193.


Family is the main value. Despite the low standard of living, Filipinos have a calm attitude towards money and material values, while career and social status matter.

Piety is also inherent in Filipinos, even in the smallest settlements there is always a church.

Filipinos tend to trust celebrities and local stars. If a famous person advertises a product or service, they will surely buy it!

Social networks are actively used to search for things and make purchases.

The Internet

The majority of Filipinos — 94% — surf the Internet from mobile devices, as a computer is an expensive pleasure.

Where are the Filipinos sitting:









Creatives and promos. What can and cannot be done

You can not use state symbols — this is a ban and an instant ban;

Creo and promo in green tones come in perfectly — an association with health.

It is good to cover the topic of family-the main value of Filipinos is family and caring for loved ones;

Video materials should ideally not exceed 15 seconds;

Doctors on the land also inspire confidence.

What to pour on

Allergy remedies

Women's cosmetics

Hair care products

Hair growth and strengthening products



Antibacterial agents



And the Filipinos have a fairly low level of medicine and pharmacology, so any dietary supplements that improve their health will appeal to them.

All successful campaigns and good envelopes.

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