Are there free traffic sources?


Traffic arbitration is an excellent and eternal direction for earning money, which does not lose its relevance.

Every day people see hundreds of advertisements, use and buy tens of thousands of products. Advertising spreads on the Internet constantly and this happens thanks to traffic arbitration.

How to start promoting the first advertising campaign without investments and do it right?

And so, the process of working solo is not an easy way, because the process of promoting an advertising campaign is usually carried out by a whole team, where everyone is busy with their own business. Creatives selling texts, social media posts. Networks, farm accounts, you will need to master all this yourself, and this is not a complete list.

There are advantages to free traffic and working solo:

- Increased trust of the audience — we will conduct posts independently, so there is a complete immersion in the interests and pains of the CA;

- Working solo, a huge number of necessary and important skills are acquired, which will then definitely come in handy if you become a team player.

Haven't changed your mind about pouring without serious investments yet?

Then we turn to the options for free traffic sources.

Let's divide the ways of getting customers into 2 types:

Type 1 — creating your own thematic platforms (portal, website, blog, social network group, etc.)– we are gaining a client base, gradually introducing it into our circle of trust, publishing more and more useful and valuable materials. Then we gradually attract the audience's attention to the offer and get leads;

Type 2 — spam mailings, the profit here is small, so this type is not very suitable for a permanent way of working.

Options for free traffic sources:

SEO is the creation of your website for certain queries that are set in advance after choosing the vertical for the bay.

If desired, you can do with more harmless options that relate to maintaining the same blog. Creating content for the site will require investments, for example, for hosting and domain, but it is clearly cheaper than advertising launched through advertising platforms from the same sites.

Minimize the costs of a lot of free designers for the site, which in addition will give even if not the most beautiful, but quite working domains. Do not forget to use Yandex Wordstat and other services to search for keys that will help you adapt pages to the product, dating, betting, gambling, adult-insides and just insides, as well as dozens of other verticals;

Blogging – creating a blog on ready-made platforms.

2 ways to fill traffic:

Promote the profile with really useful information and gradually introduce native advertising into the materials;

Aggressively promote any offers, including gray and black ads.

Yandex Zen — the competition is growing here, but not very big yet. There is a convenient interface for promoting your profile and analyzing the growth of its popularity. Also not a little important feature is the ability to generate income from monetization.

The more views and read-throughs the article has, the more ads will be viewed by users, which means the more money you will get for it.

Social networks - create a regular page, for example, in Vkontakte and tftv to post something interesting there. Over time, he will definitely have an audience interested in the chosen direction, but it may take up to six months;

Messengers - Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

In the case of Telegram, you can create full-fledged channels and groups with users interested in the right offer, after which you can offer the right products and make a profit from it, in other messengers you can do mailings based on phone numbers.

The main advantage of this type of traffic source is the versatility of GEO.


Arbitrage of traffic without investments is a long, thorny, but monetary way out. If there is a desire to work in this direction, but there is no big budget to start -try to use our tips in practice!