Pouring traffic on Morocco


Morocco is not one of the underdeveloped States. Moroccans have communications, technology, a workforce and a solvent population. And there is also low competition in the market, so the cost of traffic is minimal — this makes the country interesting for traffic arbitration.
Social life and the Internet
Moroccans actively use social networks and various resources.
Residents of the country not only communicate via the Internet, but also make purchases, place orders and make payments.
What is in demand among women:
Self-care products;
Varicose veins.
What is in demand among men:
Goods for cars;
Men's health products;
Prolongation of sexual intercourse;
Announcements for local lotteries;
Casinos and sports betting.
Important Details:
The best traffic source is Facebook.
Creatives for advertisements are launched only in Arabic.

Residents of this country like accuracy and certainty, therefore, in creatives, the ideal solution would be to show exactly what a person will get by buying this product or service;
Pictures and videos should be without nudity - Morocco is an Islamic country in which this is not welcome and may even alienate;
It should be taken into account that there are many holidays in the country — these days residents practically do not sit on the Internet, which means the conversion rate is falling.
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