We are pouring into Indonesia


Indonesia is an island nation of Southeast Asia. The capital of Indonesia is the city of Jakarta. Most islanders live in the capital.

In general, the country's population in 2022 totals over 266 million people, of which 49.9% are men, 50.1% are women.

The official language is Indonesian.

The official monetary unit is the Indonesian rupiah.

For the most part, the islanders are adherents of Islam — about 90% of the inhabitants are converted to this religion.

The local population is falling for discounts and is always looking for favorable offers.

Salaries of the local population
The average income of the local population was $ 550 or 40,700 rubles.

Where they sit on the Internet
Indonesians are active Internet users. The country has 24.74 million online shoppers, which is about 19% of the total number of Internet users in the country.

Women buy the most - 65% of all online orders, men - 35%.

Indonesians are pragmatic and like to spend a lot of time choosing a product. Spontaneity is not about them.

The interior and various accessories come in well.

More Indonesians cling to goods with free delivery and the possibility of payment upon receipt. This is due to the low level of distribution of bank cards in the country.

What are we pouring on?

- Remedies for parasites;

- Ointments for the treatment of joints;

- Varicose veins;

- Skin rejuvenation products;

- Hair care and hair growth.

Geographical factor

In Surabaya, Makassar and Jakarta, 52% of users pay attention to the practicality of the product.

In Badung, there is a low assortment in stores, so they like online shopping there,

In Medan, people are most often interested in offers with promotions or discounts.

Indonesians use a phone to access the Internet — 87%, but locals use a desktop for shopping. Researchers attribute this behavior to the inability of local sites to convenient online shopping via the phone.

It is better to pour on weekdays, activity decreases by the weekend.

Errors when filling
- There is no need to compare products with analogues — this can alienate or sow doubt in the minds of local buyers;

- No female nudity — this is a country where Islam has been widespread since the 12th century;

- We remove creatives with promises of 100% results.

- We do not publish photos of children, stars and doctors.