Teaser networks. What is the traffic source and how to work with it


Teaser is an advertisement for which a separate block is allocated. The main feature of the teasers is the intriguing clickbait titles. Such ads are made in such a way as to attract the user's attention in any way, intrigue him and make him click on the advertisement. Below we will look at all the techniques so that this traffic can bring a high envelope

Types of teaser posts
Teasers can be divided by the topics of the sites on which they are hosted. Obviously, resources with different topics have different audiences. Based on the subject of the site and its audience, you should choose a teaser network.

General thematic teasers - most partner programs can be promoted on general thematic sites.

Women's - focused on advertising services and products that are interesting only to the female half of the audience.

Commodity - only advertising of goods is placed.

Thematic - focused on a specific audience: motorists, parents, young couples, numismatists, athletes and so on.

2 subspecies of teaser networks according to the general principle: targeted advertising and obvious clickbait.

Targeted advertising directly and honestly indicates to the reader what kind of product or service it offers.

Clickbait teasers are the main feature in catchy headlines. Often the headlines are more interesting than the materials that are hidden behind them. The network will not allow you to go directly to the desired ad, before that you will have to close 4-5 other sites and tabs that open automatically. When you get to the desired information, you will be disappointed: two paragraphs of some old news that does not cause interest.

Tips for designing teasers:
1. Teaser ads do not contain a lot of text. The title is always short — without water!

2. Call to Action - buy, look, follow the link;

3. One ad — 1 product;

4. Benefit for a person — discount, important information, etc.;

5. Using key phrases for CA;

6. We take into account the pain of CA;

Is it worth working with teaser networks pros and cons:

1. Low price of the advertising campaign;

2. Thanks to clickbait — active transitions on advertising;

3. No need to spend money on advertising content;

4. You can sell everything except the goods prohibited by law;

5. The ability to select an audience according to the most detailed criteria, including cities and regions, browsers, devices, age, gender;

6. Accessibility and simplicity. To work with teaser networks, you only need to find a suitable offer, select a network and top up your account;

7. No problems with moderation.


1. Ad blockers installed by people;

2. Teasers are not placed one at a time, so people's eyes run away;

3. Click fraud. Cases have been repeatedly noticed when owners of teaser networks launched various bots to cheat clicks;

4. It's hard to work with unpopular products;

5. People ignore teaser ads. They just don't believe her. Probably every second user who clicked on the teaser was disappointed. Instead of the promised hot infopod, he received a bunch of spam and unnecessary information. After a person has been burned several times, he no longer wants to pay attention to teaser ads at all.