Features of the Gulf on Peru


Features of GEO Peru
The official language is Spanish — it is spoken by 89% of the total population.
The basis of the economy is formed by the mining and manufacturing industries, as well as the service sector. The local currency is the Peruvian New salt.
Population of Peru
At the beginning of 2022, 33 million people live in Peru.
Most Peruvians still willingly believe in folk medicine.
A distinctive feature of Peruvians is friendliness, good—nature, openness to communication, as well as a general sense of patriotism for all the features of their culture.
In rural areas, preference is given to wearing national costumes.
The Internet
Peruvians are active Internet users, more than 50% of the population spend at least 4 hours a day on the World Wide Web, mainly through a mobile connection. However, its speed leaves much to be desired — therefore, creos with voluminous videos and animations should not be too heavy.
The bulk of paying users are concentrated on Facebook, so this is the main source of traffic.
What will the Peruvians get
The goods of the interior-vertical, which are hard to find in the country — are going with a bang. These can be:
• Medicines for diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension;
• Medications to combat diabetes ;
• Everything related to vision;
• Fat burning and body shaping products.