How to recognize a fake case?


You will say that no normal web that earns decent money will merge the case even for a one-time, even a decent payout.
However, there are exceptions in the world of arbitration, when, for example, the publication of a case is a good advertisement for an affiliate program, an advertising network and an arbitrageur who appears as the author of the case.

Here's the thing:

the affiliate receives new web users with a focus on the offer from the case, and can report to the referral about the growth of traffic;

the advertising network receives an increase in deposits and new users;

the author of the case gets the opportunity to advertise himself or his team.

Everything seems to be enough, but fakes are still up to a fig and it is necessary to distinguish them.

Let's study together.

How to recognize a fake case?
1. Look at the time of the advertising campaign and the date of publication of the case. They are usually indicated along with the rest of the important information about the case —the source of traffic, the name of the offer and the PP from which it is taken, GEO, etc.
If you can see that the present time is marked in the case and it is assumed that the bundle brings profit here and now, then you are probably faced with a fake. T

Tip: it is better not to ignore old (or not as fresh as we would like) cases. Affiliate programs, advertising networks and services strive to show that working with them brings results, so they ask arbitrators to share the case. In this case, we try to check what happened a couple of months ago, then it's really realistic to find a suitable bundle, adapt it to your offer and launch successfully.

2. If everything is OK with the date, we carefully look at the status. We carefully analyze the screenshots so that they are not cut off and display the data in full (they contain the date, the period of operation of the RC, etc.). We recommend paying attention to the fact that the screenshots created by one person should be of the same size and expansion, as well as the dates of the spill should correspond to information from both the RC and from PP.

3. If you have reviewed all the figures, found no traces of Photoshop or other attempts to deceive the reader, but you still have questions for the author, feel free to ask them in the comments. Communication with a person who has decided to publish a success story will make it clear whether he is lying or not. By the way he answers, what he says and what proofs he is ready to provide, it will be seen whether it is worth believing him or not.

4. Read the case carefully and analyze how much emphasis is placed on what kind of offer it is, from which PP it is taken, what service or source the web used. If you see that the information about them is more than the content — it's fake again!

Which case can be called a good one?

A good case is a detailed and consistent report that describes all the steps taken by the arbitrageur or his team before achieving the specified earnings. It should contain something like this information:

how and for what reason was the offer chosen;

what were the working conditions with the affiliate program;

how the tests were conducted and what results they led to (plusonuli, went into negative, did not start);

how and where did web or his team get the bundle;

what tools were needed;

how did you manage to bypass moderation;

what landing pages, gaskets and attachments were used and where did they come from;

how much was actually spent, and not just on an advertising campaign.

How to use a ready-made case correctly and why not completely copy the found ready-made bundles?
To check and use the case, we recommend doing the following:

We analyze the case to what extent it is fully and consistently presented;

We carefully look at the figures to see if there are any errors or inconsistencies in the statistics.;

We take the basic approach, and do not copy 1 in 1, for example, we lock on similar creatives

We carefully study the subtleties of working with the advertising cabinet, what tools are used and the process of preparing creatives.