Pour on the Chili


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Chile is an excellent GEO for traffic arbitration.

Compared with other Latam countries, this particular state is notable for its solvent population and high level of envelope.

In 2022, the population of Chile was more than 19.4 million people.

When creating creatives, it is best to focus on classical Spanish, because it is in it that laws are issued and despite the many dialects, the entire population of Chile knows classical Spanish perfectly.

Economy and wages in Chile

The economy is based on such industries as the copper mining industry, winemaking, fishing, as well as fruit exports.

The local currency is the Chilean Peso (CLP).

The level of Chilean salaries for 2022: the minimum monthly income is approximately 337,000 pesos for persons aged 18-65 — this is about 420 dollars.

The average wage in Chile ranks first in all of South America - about 1,056,900 pesos or $1,320 per month.

Internet in Chile

80% of Chileans are active Internet users.

Instagram Facebook and Instagram are the most visited pages: Google search engine, YouTube video service, social networks.

The Chilean mentality
Chileans are emotional and prone to spontaneous decisions, while they are very unhurried, so postponing something for a later date is in the order of things here.

The locals also appreciate the family very much. Most Chileans are married and have at least four children. Due to the fact that abortions are legally prohibited in the country, one child in a family is a rarity.

What should be taken into account when creating creatives?
When spilling traffic on Chilives, advertising campaigns often use creatives related to family values and caring for a loved one.

Chileans also respond well to patriotic themes, but it is important to find a middle ground here and not overreact.

It is not necessary to use approaches that in any way belittle one or another gender. The current president of the country is building a political course on gender equality, and feminist sentiments are also quite strong in Chile.

Be sure to take into account the "pain points" of Chileans:

- Dirt and garbage of urban slums;

- Expensive medical care;

- Backwardness of local education;

- Health problems — obesity, diabetes, hypertension, outbreaks of various diseases (from water).

What creatives should I use on Chili?
When spilling with FB, you can use one of the standard options:

We immediately demonstrate the result, avoiding direct "Before and after";

We show a drug, a vegetable, a fruit, a drink with a phrase like "goodbye extra pounds";

We add a doctor to the creative with the catchy question "How to quickly restore immunity? Doctor's advice" or "Suffering from diabetes? - get a free consultation from an endocrinologist."

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