What to do with traffic in March 2022


What should an arbitrageur do in the current realities? How to work in TikTok, Facebook and Google? Which offers should I pour traffic on?

What are the forecasts for RF traffic from TikTok ?

The information that was in the first days of the shutdown: TikTok suspended posting for a few days to develop a new system for filtering political content, as moderators can not cope.Now the videos will be moderated, as well as erotic videos that cannot be posted for a long time. The policy will also be moderated in connection with the new law on fakes. It takes a few days to test the system, — TikTok employees report.

Now we can only wait for TikTok algorithms to learn how to filter political content on the territory of the Russian Federation and the advertising functionality will return.

What to do with traffic in the CIS if you work with FB or Google?

At the moment, Facebook and Google have banned the display of ads in Russia. There are no options for any circumvention of this ban. The solution to the problem is the same as when working with the TikTok source

Russian cards no longer fit Facebook and TikTok?

Capitalist cards fit perfectly to Facebook accounts. Their jurisdiction is England.

Options for solving the issue with payments in TT:

Use agency offices instead of personal ones. In this case, the issue with the payment has been resolved in advance;

Test UnionPay cards in Russian banks;

To test the bundle: English TT accounts + Capitalist cards with Daria's personal support.

What are alternative sources of traffic to Russia?

You can pour traffic on teaser networks and myTarget.