Cheat sheet of a novice arbitrageur


The principle of earning money on traffic arbitration is quite simple. I bought users cheaper in one place and sold them more expensive in another.
In practice, everything is more difficult – a beginner begins to feel dizzy from the abundance of incomprehensible terms and the vagueness of the principles of work.
How much to invest and how much can you earn?
You can earn a million by investing $500. But such a result is extremely rare. 90% of debutants lose money, interest and complain about arbitration. Dozens earn enough to go to Bali. Units buy houses with a swimming pool and yachts.
If you have a talent for Internet marketing, then by investing $ 500, you can earn a couple of thousand a month.
The path to a good income will take at least six months. During this time, the arbitrageur checks his abilities. He must learn how to select an audience for the product, attract its attention and lure it to the customer's website. This experience cannot be gained without mistakes.
What does the arbitrageur earn?
Some entrepreneurs do not want to invest their own money in the promotion of the product, but they still want to advertise it. Then they turn to the CPA model of advertising and pay a commission from the sale of each product to an Internet marketer (that is, an arbitrageur), who, having invested his own funds in advertising, brought a buyer to them. The commission amount ranges from 5% to 50%.
Where does the arbitrageur invest money?
The task of the arbitrageur is to set up advertising in such a way that the maximum number of people who saw the product turned into buyers. The webmaster sets up target audiences, develops texts, images, and videos for advertisements. It is in the testing of advertising campaigns that the arbitrageur invests money.
What to sell according to the CPA model?
The Internet offers a whole bunch of goods and services, attracting buyers for which you can earn money. Some products (arbitrageurs call them "offers") are legal, some are semi-legal. The first category includes applications and programs, products from online stores, and financial services.
In the second category – gambling, betting services, medicines, the effectiveness of which has not been proven.
Which industries bring in the most money?
The largest payments are provided by advertising of financial products: bank cards, quick loans, insurance and so on. It is also profitable to advertise online casinos. But gambling is considered the "gray" side of the CPA, since it is illegal in some countries.
Where to look for products for advertising?
On the websites of partner networks. They collect requests from businesses to promote all kinds of goods and become intermediaries between the arbitrageur and the manufacturer of the goods, receiving a commission from sales for this. They also provide a technology platform that allows you to track through which traffic source the product was purchased.
Almost no one works directly with the business, because this is fraught with emergency situations like refusal to pay interest on sales.
Where to look for buyers?
Social networks are a cheap and popular source of traffic. In social. targeting is conveniently configured in social networks, but for most arbitrageurs, social networks are an unacceptable luxury, because the more criteria for selecting an audience, the more expensive it is.
Search traffic: A pro in SEO optimization can earn a lot of money on CPA. But, in most cases, with search engine optimization, it is difficult to predict the influx of users, there is a high risk of burning out with investments.
Advertising on mobile devices: Traffic is cheaper than in social networks, but it is not easy to monetize it. Mobile users often click on ads by mistake, throwing the advertiser's money to the wind.
Teaser networks: Most of them advertise the products of arbitrageurs, and the page is a strip between the site from which a person comes and the site you want to get to belongs to the teaser network.
Google AdWords: Google contextual advertising is the main source of traffic that novice arbitrageurs experiment with. This is not the cheapest source of users, so it should be used to promote products with high commissions.