Telegram bots for traffic arbitration


Bots are designed to facilitate the tasks, work and routine of users. They are able to report the weather, offer movies, find music and even work. Bots can also make life easier for arbitrageurs and webmasters, because with their help you can track traffic, unify creatives, download posts, generate hashtags and much more.

ihash bot - comes up with tags for the image. It is convenient when there is no imagination, but you need to prescribe grids. Tags may not always fit perfectly, so before publishing them, you can view and filter them;

Bebot is a great bot for image processing. It has a huge number of effects to edit photos - it will help you create collages, add frames, change brightness and contrast, and much more;

Wmarkbot - bot puts watermarks (watermarks) on your creatives - photos, videos;

Text4insta - will arrange paragraphs in your texts for Instagram;

deagle bot - always knows what day and holiday it is today. Useful to refresh the content;

pussy bot - don't be afraid of the name! According to the description, the bot asks for a photo selfie and applies one of more than 200 effects like Instagram masks;

Gifscom - creates small gifs from videos. Links to videos can be taken from many social networks. Networks;

Memingbot - allows you to create your own memes based on templates.

Memmachinebot - helps to follow trends in the meme world. Launch it to always be in the topic of fresh jokes and delight the audience;

Instasavebot - allows you to download materials from Instagram without third-party applications;

Saveas is similar to the previous one, but can download everything from Instagram in general, even IGTV and a comment to the post;

GrammarNaziBot - analyzes texts and messages for errors.


Metricsbot - uploads metrics from Google Analytics to your Telegram;

UtmGeneratorBot - generates UTM tags. Just give him the name of the site and the advertising campaign, and he will add tags;

Soberu is a bot - a mini version of the parser. Send him the address of the Instagram account, in response he can gather an active audience (like/commented on at least one of the last 10 entries) or all the subscribers of the profile. There are 3 free studies available, then - for money, or from a new telegram account;

Instaparser is an analog of the previous one, you can use both.


WhoIsDomBot is a mini version of their WhoIs service, which allows you to get data about the owner of a particular domain;

RKNBlockbot - checks whether RosKomNadzor has banned your black domain, or is it still alive;

AntiRKNbot - if the domain still flew, you need to fight. The bot will help you write a statement asking you to unblock the site;

Websitemonitorbot - checks sites every 5 minutes for operability and transmits information to you in Telegram.