Trends in the INTERIOR of 2021. How and where to pour.


The interior is considered an "evergreen" vertical. This means that such products will always be in demand – people want to look good and take care of their own health. Nevertheless, the coronavirus epidemic has left its mark on the market of the interior.
What does it mean to "arbitrate on the inside"?
Inside - products for beauty and health. This concept includes several large groups of products at once:
Dietary supplements for the treatment of joints and spine;
Weight loss products;
Antifungal agents;
Products for "men's health— - improving potency, penis enlargement, prostatitis treatment;
Care cosmetics – all kinds of creams, masks, acne remedies, etc. A striking example is the well-known "black mask", which was a trend a couple of years ago;
Restorative dietary supplements – vitamin complexes for various purposes, etc
. Arbitrate on the inside - pour traffic to landing pages where the user is offered to buy a product. Traffic sources depend on the terms of the offer.
Usually , when arbitrating on the inside , several approaches are used in advertising campaigns:
1. Review and recommendation of the product on behalf of a "man in a white coat— - a doctor or scientist. This approach converts well, because a review from a professional increases the credibility of the offer.
2. Mentioning celebrities in product advertising is a similar approach, also based on increasing trust. It is not allowed everywhere for obvious legal reasons.
3. Stories of ordinary people - before and after photos, stories about how the product helped;
4. Questionnaires and questionnaires on the prelend in order to identify the need for the product. It is not allowed for all offers, since it converts less – many users are scared off by questionnaires.
5. The promise of a quick solution to the problem is one of the most convergent approaches.
Landing in the style of a popular publication is also one of the frequent approaches in the interior
Realistic pictures, as close as possible to everyday life - glossy photos of obviously foreign pensioners can cause rejection among users from the CIS. And a photo of an ordinary doctor from a polyclinic, on the contrary, will increase confidence. For other GEO, of course, you need to look for your own approaches;
In advertising campaigns, it is advisable to use:
Images in high quality - cloudy pixel images do not cause a desire to click on them;
The associative series with the prelend - this helps not to scare away part of the CA at the stage of "laying".
Features of interior offers
All interior offers can be divided into several types according to payment models:
COD - from the English "Cash-On-Delivery" (payment on delivery). After placing an order, the call center contacts the buyer to confirm delivery. The arbitrageur will receive a commission when the buyer pays and receives the goods.
Trial - payment with credit card binding. At the first order, a sample of the goods is delivered to the buyer, payment is made only for delivery. The commission here is lower than that of other offers, but trials are considered to be better converting. In addition, rebills are counted – automatic payment of repeat orders from a linked credit card. Their quality is also evaluated – the higher the percentage of rebills, the better.
SS (Straight Sales) - simple online payment when ordering goods. The arbitrageur receives deductions immediately after the payment is confirmed.
Upsales — additional sales of the product help to increase income on the inside. On the land, the visitor is offered goods in different configurations. The larger the packaging of the product, the less is paid per unit of goods. Cross-sales also work well– discounted products that are offered in addition to the main product. Usually it is something similar to the main product – for example, a body cleansing complex complete with pills for weight loss.