Which traffic sources will be popular in 2021?


Native advertising is gaining momentum
Native advertising, which has an advantage over other traffic sources, will be developed. Due to the overabundance of intrusive ads, such advertising becomes optimal, moreover, it can be presented in various forms that are constantly being improved.
Social networks as a traffic source in 2021
Targeted advertising is becoming more and more effective. Trust in social services. networks are growing, they are increasingly being used to search for and further purchase purchases. If you follow the algorithms of social networks, you can get a reliable source of traffic with a continuous flow of audience. Recommendations, reviews from other users, and their activity will help push the customer to purchase. Another developing trend in social networks. networks — a loyal audience that follows your favorite brands and online stores. It is assumed that in 2021 the number of regular subscribers to the pages of your favorite products and services will grow by an average of 20%. If your offer is suitable for this, create pages in the social network. networks and run targeted ads.
TikTok has become a relatively new, but very promising source, which is already used by millions of users every day. Last year, it has already shown good efficiency for working with the entertainment and E-commerce vertical. The format of short stories has become so popular that other social networks began to copy TikTok and launch similar functions.
PopUnder is an advertising format presented in the form of a pop-up banner that automatically appears when websites are opened. At the same time, after clicking the "close" button, the advertised page opens in a new browser window.

Mobile traffic continues to grow
The vast majority (approximately 90%) of people under the age of 45 will buy from advertising on the Internet from their smartphones. In this regard, it is very important to adapt your website to different devices, taking into account the screen resolution, operating system, Internet provider. This increases the conversion rate of ads many times, especially at a time when people return from work in the evening and sit on their phones on the way home or go online before going to bed.