Advantages of arbitration on INSTAGRAM


Loyal audience - users of the social network are used to advertising, because they constantly see it in the feed and in bloggers' posts. In addition, many influencers release their product lines, and their subscribers actively buy them. Therefore, with the right targeting settings or with the right choice of bloggers for advertising integrations, you can get a high conversion rate;

Facebook Instagram ads are launched through Facebook, and the first social network belongs to the second one, it is a little easier to pass moderation in it. Arbitrageurs can use cloaking and other ways to circumvent the restrictions of the advertising network;

Opportunities to get free traffic — There are more of them on Instagram than on other social networks. So, massfollowing and masslaying "caught on" right here, on Facebook and in VKontakte, they are almost not used. Here you can also get free traffic thanks to spam, hashtags, geolocations and other tools.