The essence of earning on partner networks


What is an affiliate network?
Affiliate Network —CPA) is a platform that unites sellers of goods (advertisers) and partners (webmasters).
The main stages of working with the partner network
Start of cooperation. The CPA network invites advertisers and webmasters. The former are interested in selling their goods, the latter are interested in receiving remuneration.
* Offer selection. Webmasters choose offers. For more earnings, it is important to pay attention to the relevance of the product;
* Getting a link. Each webmaster receives a unique link. This way the CPA will be able to track the quality of the attracted traffic;
* Attracting traffic. Webmasters actively advertise the link. The result depends on the traffic: the more targeted, the higher the earnings;
* Verification and withdrawal of funds. Usually the hold (verification time) takes 8-10 days;
• After verification, the webmaster receives a reward: a percentage of sales or payment for targeted actions (for example, for a confirmed lead (order)).
Factors that affect earnings in partner networks:
The relevance of the offer - it is important to pay attention to whether the product is in demand and how competitive its price is;
Target audience - it is necessary to try to show ads to interested users. It makes no sense to sell gardening products on the forum of motorists;
The amount of payments is simple: the higher the commission, the higher the total earnings;
Traffic volume and quality - when choosing a traffic source, it is important to take into account not only the quantity, but also the quality of traffic (absence of bots, audience loyalty, etc.).