Vkontakte Traffic Arbitration


Vkontakte, as a rule, white offers come in well, since it is easy to work with them, 1000 niches in your city, if desired, it is easy to scale. Some do not buy leads, so others will buy, no question.
Where should I start?
* Tattoo studios are a very cool niche, because official VK advertising is prohibited;
* Stretch ceilings have a good demand for them and, as a rule, a high lead price;
• Everything related to health, for example, dentistry;
• Everything related to services. Auto-selection, apartment cleaning, lawyers, psychologists, etc.
• * Foreign language courses.
What is not recommended to pour?
* Infobusiness is a very well-lived topic. It's better not to pump infobusiness for beginners, too big risks, a heavy market, a lot of spending, so there are enough offline niches to start with.;
* Merchandise;
* Very narrow topics where it is unrealistic to find customers - installation of thermo-nuclear reactors;
Look for those topics that are in demand, a lot of customers, white offers, they really pump decent good money. The most important thing legally is conditionally free traffic.
We strongly do not recommend using black offers, distribution and sale of goods prohibited in the Russian Federation. Do not deceive people, do not sell information that does not belong to you or do not have the right to do so, it is all easily calculated and gives a small profit.