Ways to use Telegram in Traffic arbitration


Promote a telegram channel
In Telegram, it is quite possible to make and promote your channel. At first, you can wind up bots, and after the right number of subscribers has gathered, you can offer your offer to the audience.
Launch a telegram bot
A well-designed chatbot makes life easier not only for marketers, but also for arbitrageurs.
A few prescribed simple replicas can serve as a cool pad in the promotion of the offer - and it doesn't matter if it's online dating or weight loss.
Organize contests in which bots win

You can create a platform where contests are held regularly. In order not to spend hard-earned money, it is advisable to issue bots for the winners, but it is important to prepare screenshots with correspondence in advance in order to make everything as realistic as possible.
Launch an advertising post
There are many options for the creative use of Telegram for arbitration purposes, but here you can also follow the classics - launch an advertising post, as in social networks. To do this, select the channels with the necessary audience in the cart and agree with the admins about the purchase of advertising. As in insta, you can barter here if you and the admin have a similar target audience and the same number of subscribers.
Unlike other resources, there are no clear requirements for advertising here, so you can be creative to your heart's content - the main thing is not to forget about the key rules and not overload your creo with information.
Before buying, it is necessary to clarify with the administrator whether there are requirements for an advertising post, its cost, who is preparing it, as well as how long it will stay in the top and in the channel feed.
Do mailing lists by users and chats
Spam has not been canceled, so you can think through advertising posts and send them to both users and telegram chats. Thus, you can offer dating, and miracle slimming, and practical jokes with the prospect of winning a million dollars.