What to pour in quarantine?


The new coronavirus has a strong impact on all areas of our lives, including traffic arbitration.

Most marketers and arbitrageurs experienced difficulties when COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. Those who sell physical goods suffered the most - now it is better not to pour on the physical goods. Google Ads ads are more stable than Facebook ads. It is worth noting that Betting has been dropped — the competitions are canceled, bookmakers pay great attention to the field of esports. Travel has also sunk — an absolutely dead niche during the coronavirus pandemic.

It is best to convert the following categories of goods in quarantine:





Educational products

Entertainment products

Adult (especially webcam)

The other categories do not show stability: some come in, others do not. So if you plan to pour on something without waiting for the end of the epidemic, refer to the verticals from the list above. And good luck to all of us!