How and on what to pour traffic in January 2020?


January is not the most successful month, but this is not a reason to refuse current offers that go well even after the holidays. How to choose the right product for filling traffic after the New Year? First you need to understand that there are several factors and selection criteria:



Subject matter;


Where the traffic is coming from.

In this case, the most important topics and seasonality. Some things are obvious (goods for summer are not needed in winter), and some are not - let's look at a specific example.

Offers popular in winter
It is believed that the theme of the "Weight Loss" offers is more relevant with the approach of the beach season. Everyone wants to be beautiful and slim, and therefore the demand for slimming products becomes relevant in the spring.

The "eternal" offers for men, such as potency, are going well in January 2020.

Moreover, you can make good money on them due to a wide geo – they are delivered to the CIS countries and to Europe.

Also, seasonality and gender do not have a means for joints.

All the directions listed above are presented on our platform in the "gut" category. Go to the section "our offers" and choose an offer to your liking!