What is a white page and what is it for?


White page is a key part of any cloaca. If, of course, we want to run the RC in the FB on gray \ black topics, then it is impossible without a cloaca in any way.

White page is a page that bots and FB moderation see, but not users in any way. It is a small website with buttons or a single page on which all the rules of the FB are observed.

Example: furniture sales, fitness blog, health blog, etc.

The most important condition:
The cookie policy must be followed, the address and contacts (mail or phone) must be present. Whether this data is real or not does not matter.

Where to get them or how to make them yourself?

1. Buy;

2. Download someone else's website - this can be done using WebScrapBook (extension for chrome).

We go to the appropriate site, open the extension and select Capture tabs.

The site is downloaded to a folder a separate folder on the computer;

3. We do it ourselves

With the help of any website builder, let's say Tilda.

We also do not forget to prescribe the site policy, cookies and contacts.

4. Use the free white generator.

Important rules:

There must be a website policy, cookie policy, address, contacts;

The language of the white must match the geo of the unscrew:

White's theme has almost no effect on campaign optimization;

If you put creos on white – bans will pop out less often;

When buying a white, make a translation and check for prohibited words;

If the buttons are transferred to the original site on the downloaded website through the extension, this is not critical;

If you do the white yourself, then you can add a button that will transfer to the offer (there will be fewer lost customers due to the cloaca).

How often do I change the White page and which way is better?

Everything is individual. FB is constantly changing something in the algorithms, so you constantly need to try something new or go back to the old.

Any method is good. It all depends on the current situation with the FB. It happens that the purchased vites do not pass moderation and you have to download them through the extension, but later it is possible to return to paid ones again.

To summarize: If you have tried different accounts, creo, approaches, but everything is also banned – do not forget to check the white, maybe it's him.

All leads!