Frequent errors in contextual advertising


Mistake #1 A sharp increase in the advertising budget

With a sharp increase in costs, you risk quickly going into negative territory. To use resources to the maximum, a strategy for smooth optimization of the advertising campaign must be prepared in advance. Consider the position of your finances and distribute advertising costs carefully. You need to be especially careful about the budget in the winter (holiday period). The hot season requires constant monitoring of running advertising campaigns. Focus on the behavior of competitors, increase and decrease the CPC where necessary with extreme caution.

Mistake #2 Draining the budget for one tactic

The best option for a successful PPC launch is a multi—channel strategy. It is better to prepare in advance and start using various tactics to promote offers. Distribute the budget across multiple channels and optimize the most effective campaigns. This way it will be possible to maximize profits with minimal losses.

Mistake #3 Ignoring mobile devices

The year is 2022, more than half of potential customers on various GEO make purchases online using mobile devices. Of course, you should not bet only on them, but you should not forget about their priority either.

Make sure that your ads for display on mobile devices contain a short, bright and clear sentence. Check how convenient it is for users to click on the link and what they see there. How your land is shown, whether the layout is in order, whether the design is floating, whether the fonts are readable. How conveniently the registration or purchase button is located, whether all the information is available.

Mistake #4 Lack of inclusivity

The trend of recent years around the world is to give preference to those brands that support changing standards in various fields. That is, they are tolerant of all people, taking into account their differences in appearance, education, income, gender and sexual orientation (for example, the trend for plus-size body-positive models). It is important to abandon stereotypes and show as much inclusivity as possible in your advertising, thereby reaching a wider audience of consumers. Try to test as many bold creatives with inclusion elements as possible.

Mistake #5 Testing too new techniques

Always think of escape routes and a backup plan in case of failed tests. To understand how reasonable your decision is to try out this or that new technique for you in launching advertising, study the market. It would not be superfluous to conduct an audit of your advertising cabinet, analyze previously made mistakes. Before trying out new tactics, read successful cases about him, study the experience of other affiliates.

Error #6 Landing page crashes

In order not to fail advertising campaigns, double your efforts to audit landing pages. Make sure several times that all the links work, and the design and fonts are displayed correctly.

Error #7 Ban or suspension of the advertising cabinet

Google, Apple and Facebook have strict advertising policies and it is worth choosing advertising creatives with caution. Immerse yourself as much as possible in the study of all the updated rules and try not to violate them or circumvent any restrictions as gently as possible. Remember that if your creatives do not pass moderation the first time, it is important to react immediately and optimize advertising campaigns before the platform decides to block you. In order not to observe from the outside how competitors successfully collect conversions, you should analyze in advance and exclude all possible reasons for the ban. Recently, Google has often started blocking accounts due to the exhausted limit on the card.

Mistake #8 Showing hackneyed creatives

This is especially true for the festive period. Many expect special offers. They are ready to buy something attractive with discounts, while most often they click on ads decorated in the appropriate festive style. Yes, we all want to use proven creatives. But they can work worse during the holiday season without a proper update. Update your texts and promotional images! Use authentic copywriting and festive decor. Transform your work creatives into fresh holiday offers filled with lively emotions and the spirit of the holiday.